Best Choreographer in Bollywood

best choreographer in bollywoodLonginus Fernandes is one of the few Famous choreographers who has been involved in every medium of choreography be it Stage, Events, Theater, Musical Plays, Music Videos, Television, Ad Commercials and Films. He has done it all with aplomb.

First & foremost, dance is the purest form of expression & mind you bodies never lie. Having said that, to take things further Choreography is a specialized art to visualize & bring out the best. Something which only a best choreographer in Bollywood can do.

The best dance choreographer in Bollywood is a person who can find the way to be themselves in their art. To choreograph a dance sequence is all about comforting oneself. It is the art of honesty. You are completely exposed when you choreograph a dance move. Firstly, your own self-image is exposed. Your physical health is exposed & to top it all your psychological health is exposed if at all you lie you hurt yourself.

Yes, it certainly isn’t easy being the best dance choreographer in Bollywood. Having said that, there are many who are very keen in mastering the art of the easy way out popular known as the short cut. Mind you this so called short cut is short lived as we all are aware that there is no short cut to success. In terms of growth and progress there is no scope at all as well. In order to progress and attain success one must follow the golden rule ” Success Is Not a Destination, Its A Journey “.

Believe me this is one hell of a journey which is never ending. So make sure you keep moving come what may. What will make this journey memorable is the joy and happiness one experiences in spite of all the pains and constraints. The feeling by far and large is second to none. The courage and confidence takes you one step forward. All this is possible with sheer honesty as I mentioned earlier.

Dancing & choreography goes hand in hand together which is simply inseparable. When you are experimenting, you have to try numerous moves before you choose what you want & you may go on and on for days getting nothing but exhaustion. No matter what you do, It’s very important how you; to eventually make people look up to you. It does take time to get the choreography correct; and to create something memorable. When that happens; It is the ultimate dream of The Best Choreographer in Bollywood.

Always remember, whenever you are considered the best choreographer in Bollywood, it is a given that you are way above the rest, which means every single day you need to pass that test.

Best Choreographer in India

Longinus Fernandes is one of the Best Choreographer in India in the arena of dance and Indian choreography. He has started his career as an assistant choreographer in 1990’s and soon earned recognition as an excellent choreographer with many independent projects.

He nourished international fame for choreographing the mind-blowing dance sequences and bagged Academy Award for the best original song composed ‘Jai Ho’ from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.


He basically gathers the attention of the audience when he took part in the reality show, “JHALAK DIKHHLA JA” (Season 1) which is a dance reality show and aired on Sony TV in 2006. He was paired with an actress, Shweta Salve. Although they couldn’t win the show but was adjudged as the runner’s up. He was the choreographer for the dance show “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” for three consecutive years and till date he is the Famous choreographer in India.

With his elegant moves and dance achievements he has also devise music videos with Adnan Sami’s “Lift Kara De” and Baba Sehgal’s “Balle Balle Ho Gai.”


In a well-known Awards ceremony, director Danny Boyle wished him good luck and express his gratitude in his acceptance speech, while receiving his award for Best Direction, and also beg pardon for missing out his name in the credits. This incidence left the mark of immense respect for Longinus Fernandes in the Hollywood industry. A famous saying of Danny Boyle to Longinus Fernandes: –“Longinus when you work I will only observe and make minor corrections”.

Dance background of Longinus Fernandes

Longinus Fernandes is undoubtedly the Famous choreographer in India and a freestyle dancer who is more of a performer. In his interview, he said that” he has tremendous regard for James Brown, Elvis Presley, John Travolta and Michael Jackson and it gives him immense pleasure and pride to say that he combines dance moves of these renowned personalities by putting his own small effort in a small way”.


  • Honour Killing in London (An Indo-British Film directed by Avtar Bhogal).
  • Eat Pray Love (Directed by Rayan Murphy starring Julia Roberts).
  • Bollywood Hero (Mini-series for IFC starring Criss Kattan).
  • The Bowl Games of America (2009).
  • Yahoo It’s You Anthem (TV Commercial).
  • SpongeBob Bollywood (Nickelodeon).
  • Gillette Shaving Cream – Singapore.
  • So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 2 and 3.
  • 1st International Film Festival in Aruba.
  • The Indian Cultural Festival in France.

Filmography of Longinus Fernandes- The best choreographer in India

Here is the complete list of all his projects in the image: –

Guzaarish in November 2010, Khichdi in December 2010 and My Friend Pinto in January 2011 and much more till date with “Sweetie weds NRI” is his latest project in the current year.


• 2009: Film fare Best Choreography Award: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na – Pappu Can’t Dance Saala.
• 2009: “Fred Astaire Award” for Best Film Choreography: Slumdog Millionaire – Jai Ho

Dream of Longinus Fernandes In his words “Choreographing for So You Think You Can Dance was a dream come true. It is a great opportunity to work with the best in the world. The dancers are not only exceptional and amazing but also very eager to learn.”