Bollywood Dance Choreography

As long as there are songs in Bollywood films, there will be a need to conceptualize and choreograph them as well. It is a given fact that Bollywood dance choreography has evolved over the years; all thanks to the younger generation and technology.

What is Bollywood dance choreography all about? Well it could be anything and everything pertaining to the music, this form of dance and choreography revolves around the genre of the music piece; therefore, it is very important to pick and choose the correct form to choreograph a Bollywood song. Firstly to do justice to a song is a task by itself; be it Indian classical, Cultural, Folk , Western or Fusion .Bollywood dance is an ensemble ; where every style from every part of the world is amalgamated and put together.

Bollywood dance choreography needs a lot of conviction as it is the ultimate form of expression. While choreographing a Bollywood dance piece every choreographer must keep in mind; that every dance move should convey a message. In this manner a story will be told through actions and gestures while the song progresses.

The numerous styles involved in Bollywood dance choreography are simply vast. To enhance the choreography; the elements and props must be used appropriately to maintain its grandeur … Over the years Bollywood dance choreography has always been elaborate; as it is very evident in every second Bollywood film. The audience all over the world are crazy about Bollywood dance sequences. For this particular reason I always insist that the essence of Bollywood should always be present; be it any medium; Stage, Theater or Films it should always be a visual treat that is pleasing to the eye. By far and large, today it is every choreographer’s dream to design and choreograph a Bollywood dance sequence that defines magnitude.

Thanks to all the illustrious film makers for the wonderful opportunities given beyond compare.To one and all aspiring choreographers out there, let me inform you that all of this is achievable; but it comes along with a price, which is “The Desire To Learn”. It’s going to be hard but hard is not impossible. Always remember. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve; not by the desire to beat others.

Having said that; I would like to wind-up by wishing one and all the very best and looking forward to seeing you soon on the Bollywood band wagon as one of the best exponents of Bollywood Dance Choreography.