Bollywood dance classes

Basically Bollywood dance does not mean refer to any specific dance form, but this can be best defined as a combination of several Indian dance forms encompassing latest western styles. Today, Bollywood dance classes employ dance forms that are typically performed to popular music, akin to what you normally watch Bollywood celebrities like Hritik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor or Kareena Kapoor performing in movies in present days. Lately there have been variations in Bollywood dance including ones in which combine a quicker pace, and typically traditional moves on a rapid western beat. In Bollywood dance classes such as On your Toes, you can experience these latest dance techniques which combine fast pace and traditional dance moves in the best possible way.

Bollywood dance classes

Today, there are different institutes that impart Bollywood dance lessons to people all over the country and even to people from foreign countries to let you have a pleasant and entertaining activity, not just as dance, but also as exercise. On your toes Bollywood dance classes possess has highly talented choreographers like Longinus Fernandes and hence you can rest assured that you will be taught perfect steps on diverse songs and after you learn them and perform the same in a group. You will be left thoroughly enthralled with the whole experience and will relish it completely.

There are various such dance classes which teach Bollywood style and attempt to conduct regular training in different parts of world, but very few of the pedigree of on your toes. People of any age group ranging from kids, students, adults, housewives, professionals, etc. can join the Bollywood dance classes of on your toes to learn our unique dance techniques. Some of the formats practiced at our dance studio include styles such as Bollywood freestyle, Bollywood + Classical and Bollywood + Hip Hop.

Many contemporary dance classes believe that Bollywood offers the best dance format where all males and female dance lovers can learn dance choreography from few of the top choreographers performing on newest as well as some old Bollywood blockbuster songs. It is found that Bollywood dance classes include Bhangra and a bit of folk and occasionally even a bit of hip hop as this is actually what Bollywood dance basically is – a combination of different Indian as well as western dance styles. They also cover modern Bollywood dance as an exhilarating fusion of several different styles, ranging from folk, Indian classical, and kathak to belly dancing as well as incorporates contemporary western styles.

If you find yourself shy about dancing in public, for instance in wedding functions or in night clubs or in case if you run out of moves, then some training from on your toes Bollywood dance classes will do you good. These classes understand that Bollywood is rather a fast paced dance style, which suggest you remain healthy and your body stays flexible. Though it is not as good as Aerobics or Zumba for losing weight, their regular training will definitely benefit you to stay fit and healthy. More prominently, these dance classes work to give you that real eternal contentment that originates from dancing on the chosen Bollywood songs.