List of Best Choreographers In The World

Dance is an art which enables a person to express themselves. A combination of rhythm and beautiful body movements form this stunning art form. Dance as art is taught by choreographers, here is a list of top ten choreographers from around the world including the the best choreographer in the world.

List Of Choreographers- Featuring The Best Choreographer In The World:


  1. Paul Taylor is one of the most accomplished choreographers of all times, also known as ”God of dance”. He is by far the best choreographer in the world. He was born on July 29 in the year 1930. An American choreographer who opened his dance company known as “Paul Taylor dance company” and still has a great passion for the art. He also performed for many years with Martha Graham company. So, it is justifiable for him to score the first position in this List Of Choreographers.

Paul Taylor

  1. Shane Sparks is a hip-hop choreographer born on 25 June 1969. He is known for his work on “so you think you can dance” and was a judge on America’s best dance crew. He began his career by joining a dance group which later became a singing group. His career began when he joined millennium dance complex and there he was mistaken as a teacher and eventually ended up teaching a class. He definitely deserves to be on this list of choreographers as he can be considered the best choreographer in the world.

Shane Sparks

    1. Katherine Dunham was a legendary American dancer and choreographer and is best known for reforming African dance up art in America. She combined Caribbean dance with ballet and black American rhythms to create an entirely different dance form called durum technique. She was also the founder of the performing arts training center. So, doesn’t this make her the best choreographer in the world too? Of course, we had to include her on this choreographers.


Katherine Dunham

  1. Joaquin Cortes is a flamingo and ballet dancer from Spain. He opened his own ballet and flamenco company. He was also a member of the Spanish prestigious national ballet company. He travelled and performed around the world.

Joaquin Cortes

  1. Longinus Fernandes is an Indian choreographer who has won the Film Fare award in 2009 and also Fred Astaire award for best film choreography. He is best known for his work in choreographing song- “Jai Ho” from the movie Slumdog Millionaire and “Eat Pray Love”. He has worked with many famous actors from around the world like Richard Gere, Maggie Smith, etc. He also worked with China’s famous filmmaker Zhang Jinaya for the movie” My Amazing Trip To India”

dance classes in goregaon east

  1. Gene Kelly was an award-winning academy award winner dancer and choreographer. He experimented with dance and animation and special effects. He had a flexible system of choreography according to the camera set up.

Gene Kelly

  1. Eleanor Powell was an American dancer and actress and was known for solo tap numbers in the musicals. She is considered as the best feminine rhythm and tap dancer of her time. Eleanor danced with grace and elegance.

Eleanor Powell

  1. Bob Fosse– He was one of the most famous jazz dancers of all time. In his studio, he used to teach many forms of jazz and has received many appreciations. She used to combine ballet, tap, and acrobats in her own new way.

Bob Fosse

  1. Farah khan– Is a famous Indian director, choreographer and has choreographed over 100 songs in Bollywood films. Also has done international work in movies Marigold, Monsoon wedding, Perhaps love and much more.

Farah khan

So, this was the list of choreographers including the best choreographer in the world.